What is Zero Waste?​

Zero Waste revolutionizes the relationship between waste and people. It encourages people (citizen, producers, organisations, cities, government) to become more aware about their waste production and to take actions to reduce them as much as possible by committing to reduce their production in the first place, reuse them, compost them, recycle them so the least possible goes to landfill or gets incinerated. Landfilling and waste incineration have harmful effects on our environments and our health (production of greenhouse gases and dioxines*).

Have you ever wondered where is that “away” when you throw some something away? Well, bad news: there is no “away”. We’re just putting our waste somewhere else (landfilling) or destroying it (incineration), when we are not trashing the nature (littering). Our nature. Zero Waste forces us to think about the planet and the resources we want to leave to the future generation. So why not embracing a Zero Waste lifestyle today? Each of us can make a difference, each of us can ‘be the change we want to see in the world”. With every purchase you make, think about the traces you will leave, consider the importance of a plastic-free future. Remember: every piece of plastic ever produced* still exist.


The mission of Zero Waste Montenegro is to raise awareness, educate and change behaviors to stop illegal waste dumping, reduce waste production, reuse and recycle discarded materials and propose alternatives to waste incineration and land-filling. Read more about us and meet our team here. Zero Waste Montenegro is an official member of Zero Waste Europe

* if not incinerated. Incineration produces toxic fumes including dioxines which have a harmful effect on our health. Most waste incinerators do release some of them to different levels despite their filtering systems.


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