Montenegro Network


waste reduction, awareness raising,  multi-stakeholder cooperation and involvement, volunteerism promotion, citizen science


Recurring every September


Beaches and riverways across Montenegro


In cooperation with many participants from local NGOs, citizen movements, and the public and private sector on International Coastal Clean-up Day, clean-ups are organized in multiple locations throughout Montenegro, which makes it the largest, annual, volunteer effort tackling the problem of waste in our country. One of the focuses of the event is to raise awareness of single-use plastic production and consumption and prevent littering.

At all clean-up locations, the collected waste is separated and analysed using the #breakfreefromplastic methodology called Brand Audit. Brand audit is a citizen science initiative that involves counting and documenting the brands found on plastic waste collected at a clean-up to help identify the companies responsible for plastic pollution. To truly solve the plastic problem, we are conducting both national and global campaigns by calling on the top polluting companies to stop producing so much unnecessary single-use plastic in the first place.