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Zero Waste Certifications


Our NGO offers consultancy services to SME’s, multinationals and institutions based in Montenegro who want to accelerate their zero-waste transition. We also offer 2 European certification programs for municipalities, businesses, restaurants, hotels, events and groceries.

Zero Waste Certifications

We can help you decrease your impact on the environment.

Office Waste Reduction Programme

is our consultancy programme which involves a set of activities from waste audits to staff education and tailor-made recommendations to reduce waste and implement an optimised waste management system in your offices.

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Waste pollution has a detrimental impact on wildlife, the natural environment and human health, it contributes to climate change and emits greenhouse gas emissions.


Publicly take the initiative to reduce waste especially single-use plastic in your offices and show your commitment to cleaner nature and the well-being of your community.

By introducing measures toward efficient resource and waste management in your offices, you can make substantial savings.

Zero Waste Business Certification: Mission Zero Waste Academy (MiZA)

is the renowned certification by Zero Waste Europe for restaurants, hotels, businesses, events and groceries who want to accelerate their zero-waste transition.

To learn how it works and join the certification, visit the MIZA website

The MiZA Zero Waste Business Certification is the perfect way for European SMEs to certify their zero waste journey, by:


Committing to more ambitious circular goals


Implementing greener and more sustainable policies and solutions in waste reduction and management


Promoting circular economy practices at the local level

Zero Waste Cities is Zero Waste Europe’s Programme dedicated to help cities and communities transition towards zero waste. It brings together a European platform of knowledge for local stakeholders to implement best practices, as well as a mentoring and recognition programme for municipalities. Zero Waste Cities is run jointly by Zero Waste Europe and its member organisations.

The Programme’s aim is to accelerate the transition towards zero waste at the city level – specifically small and medium-sized municipalities – with the implementation of the latest EU legislation and zero waste strategies based on citizen-centred models, leading to a substantial decrease in waste generation and increase in separate collection and recycling.

To go further:

Read about zero waste cities’ success stories around Europe – Case Studies on Zero Waste Cities.

To find out how your municipality can reduce food waste within the local food system read.

If you are a municipality representative and want to explore how your municipality can join this program, contact us today!

We collaborate with and accept donations and grants exclusively from businesses and institutions which follow our ethical guidelines.

Consultancies are offered at affordable prices to allow more companies in Montenegro to start their Zero Waste journey. The profits are reinvested to ensure the sustainability of the organisation and fund new local projects.