The Chedi Luštica Bay zero waste business certification


zero waste consultancy, zero waste certification, waste prevention, waste reduction, multi-stakeholder cooperation and involvement, local self-governments, local public utility companies

Draft Law on Waste Management Amendment Comments and Proposals


January 2023 – ongoing




The Chedi Luštica Bay


local self-governments, local public utility companies


The Chedi Luštica Bay is on a mission to become the first zero waste certified business in Montenegro, dedicated to reducing waste to the maximum extent possible. In this pursuit, The Chedi has tailored support from two expert consultants from Zero Waste Montenegro who serve as official mentors on the journey to achieve zero waste certification.

The mentor’s guidance is key to achieving separate waste collection, waste reduction and resource optimisation suited to the specific context and challenges of Montenegrin waste management. Also, the mentors played a crucial role in training and motivating staff to embrace the new and innovative zero-waste initiatives implemented by the hotel. 


Through ZWMNE’s support, The Chedi is making significant strides toward its goal of becoming a more environmentally responsible business. 

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