Our Team

Zero Waste Montenegro has a network-linear organizational structure where the team members are self-managed on the operations level and guided by the Steering Committee. Our Steering Committee acts as an advisory and decision-making body. It is composed of experts, authority figures and key stakeholders.
The Steering Committee has mandatory monthly meetings where its members discuss key opportunities and issues and make strategic decisions. At every meeting, minutes are taken and stored in the virtual space available to all team members for further reference. Decisions are being made by voting taking into consideration every perspective presented.

Responsibilities of Zero Waste Montenegro Steering Committee:


Make key decisions


Assist and advise team members


Supervise projects and improve their outcomes


Develop and approve regulations, policies and procedures of the organization


Ensure the overall accountability of the organization and its team members

Marina Tomović

Executive Director | Steering Committee Member

Marina graduated from the Faculty of Political Science in Podgorica, majoring in international relations. She has been involved in the work of relevant Montenegrin NGOs dealing with human rights, democracy and youth. Her love for the Montenegrin nature, and her great interest in circular economy lead her to take on her current role at ZWMNE.

Vanja Cicmil

Project Manager | Translator | Steering Committee member

Vanja became involved in the work of the NGO Zero Waste Montenegro in 2017 as a volunteer and later on various projects in project management, proposal writing and content translation. As a member of the Steering Committee, she participates in making crucial decisions and strategies for the organization. She gained her knowledge in the field of the environment by translating various studies and reports in this field, and through training, knowledge exchanges and workshops. She finds her inner peace in nature and is driven to work for the common good.

Ivana Živaljević

Finance and Accounting Manager | Steering Committee member

Ivana is a true activist and workaholic. She has been working in the NGO sector for 15 years with professional focus on finance and accounting. She owns an accountancy company dedicated the NGO sector. Ivana provides valuable insights on organisational matters and is keen to guide NGO’s to become relevant actors in the decision-making scene in Montenegro.

Alexandra Aubertin

Founder | Steering Committee Member

Alexandra is the founder of the NGO Zero Waste Montenegro and the Montenegrin social enterprise Znuggle. She graduated in Physical Chemistry and Environment and Resources Management and is a PMP ® certified project manager. Alexandra has worked and volunteered in various positions in large multinational companies and NGOs around the world. Her passion is to create value for vulnerable communities through creative projects promoting a true circular economy. Alexandra lives in Montenegro on a semi-self-sustainable homestead.

Romain Boitard

Strategy Advisor | Steering Committee Member

Romain has devoted most of his career to the implementation of European external aid policy in the field of human capital development in economies in transition worldwide. A passionate humanist, Romain is trained in public management sciences and has long-term experience in supporting public sector reforms to optimize social equity and integration. As an obsessive environmentalist with a long history in Montenegro, where he returns as often as possible, he now advises our organization on sustainability and strategy.

Emina Adrović

Zero Waste Trainer

Emina is a “BEZWA” Certified Zero Waste Trainer. She believes that concrete solutions must be taken towards solving the waste problem in Montenegro. She started living a zero-waste lifestyle then soon decided to amplify it by helping the community transition towards zero waste and joined ZWMNE in 2019 as a volunteer. Emina is also a talented painter and art teacher.

Enna Kebo

Communications Specialist

Enna recently graduated from the University of Brighton in the UK with a degree in Biological Sciences, with a special interest in science communication. After graduating, she moved from England to her mother’s native country of Montenegro, where she aims to help Montenegro become more sustainable. She is passionate about working with people to improve attitudes and behaviours towards the environment.

Djordje Vuksanovic

Djordje Vuksanovic


Đorđe graduated from the Faculty of Metallurgy and Technology, majoring in environmental protection. He has always been interested in ecology and circular economy. His goal is to improve people’s behaviour towards nature.