Zero Waste Visitors


Due to its beautiful nature and mild climate, Montenegro has become a very popular destination for visitors, tourists, expats and digital nomads from all over the world.

Our country has about 14% of its land and 1% of the sea as protected areas. Montenegro is in the early stage of the transition from traditional tourism to a more sustainable one.

While figuring out how to become more resilient to the increasing influence of tourism on its nature and improving its waste management infrastructure, it is important for everyone visiting to be mindful and decrease their impact on the Montenegrin environment.

Zero Waste Visitors
Be kind to the environment both at home and while travelling.

Help Montenegro on its path to sustainable tourism


What you can do?


Minimize your waste

Minimize your waste during your stay in Montenegro and collect your recyclables and bring them to the closest recycling yard. There aren’t many recycling yards in Montenegro yet so your active use of them will help increase their numbers.


Help us inspire our local citizens

Help us inspire our local citizens who are less travelled to reduce their waste (suggest cashiers to ask first before handing out plastic bags in shops, share with them our Citizen page in Montenegrin language, etc)


Explore local markets

Explore local markets and choose small family restaurants to support the local economy. Don’t forget your reusable bags and boxes!


Move beyond the beaten track

Move beyond the beaten track and find out how you can have an authentic experience of discovering the culture, history and rural areas of Montenegro with sustainable tourism associations or agencies such as Rural Holidays, Nikena Eco Adventures, Meanderbug, etc

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