Corporate Social Responsibility

Zero Waste  for Businesses


Environmental CSR is one of the most important components of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Consumers and investors more often than ever ask businesses to give back to the community by taking concrete and meaningful actions to tackle issues such as climate change and waste pollution. 

We can help you decrease your impact on the environment.


Becoming an environmentally responsible company will improve the sustainability of your business through becoming less dependent on natural/raw resources. 


It will also save you costs and will improve your reputation to help attract and retain customers and staff. We can help you decrease your impact on the environment by learning how to reduce the waste your business produces and manage resources more sustainably. How?

Waste Reduction

Consulting for Businesses

We can assist your company to drastically reduce your solid waste, which not only reduces your environmental impact and shows your sustainability commitment to your clients – but also reduces your operational costs.

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Waste pollution has a detrimental impact on wildlife, the natural environment and human health, it contributes to climate change and emits greenhouse gas emissions.


Publicly take the initiative to reduce waste especially single-use plastic in your company and show your commitment to cleaner nature and the well-being of your community.


By introducing measures towards efficient resources and waste management in your company, you can make substantial savings.


Our methodology is based on best practices from 30+ European countries members of the Zero Waste Europe Network, as well as our own work on waste reduction and diversion from landfill with businesses, municipalities and Institutions in Montenegro since 2017.


We start looking thoroughly at your waste production, your core and secondary processes, we identify your key waste management issues and give you concrete recommendations on how to sort and reduce your different waste streams effectively with minimum impact on your operations. We train your staff on your new Zero Waste practices, we assist you in establishing partnerships with third parties for recycling and throughout your Zero Waste implementation journey.


Once your Zero Waste journey is on its way, your company can apply to initiate the European Zero Waste Business Certification (see below).

Zero Waste Business Certification: Mission Zero Waste Academy (MiZA)

Based on the established Zero Waste Methodology by Zero Waste Europe, the Certification is designed to tailor your needs and expectations.

To learn how it works and join the certification:


COMPLIANCE. Meet and go beyond national and EU requirements, thanks to the proven Certification model.


TRUST AND CREDIBILITY. Become recognised as a zero waste business frontrunner and showcase your work.


VALUE FOR MONEY. Save time and costs by an effective resource and waste management solution.


ENVIRONMENT AND HEALTH PROTECTION. Help reduce pollution and cut down emissions.


CUSTOMER SATISFACTION. Customers are increasingly environmentally conscious. Make your customers happy and satisfied on your way towards circular economy and zero waste implementation.


ZERO WASTE EXPERTISE. Access greater ZW expertise through online resources and local in-person guidance.

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