Illegal dumping could also be known as fly dumping, occurs when people dispose of their waste in rubbish dump areas, instead of using sanitized landfills.

Rubbish disposed of varies from white goods, such as fridges or microwaves, to plastic bottles, tyres, furniture and other household items.

It is no longer uncommon to find huge piles of waste, spoiling beautiful views. It’s everywhere – forests, roadsides, beaches – it’s visible at every step and the trend keeps growing.

This isn’t a unique problem, many communities across Montenegro face it. You can learn more about the causes and prevention of illegal dumping here.

However, in this post, we will look at the dangers of illegal dumping and consider why we should all act today!

Illegal Waste Dumping
Sights like these are no longer uncommon, and this trend keeps growing.
  • It’s a poison to our bodies

It should be obvious to anyone, illegal dumping damages the environment. Various chemicals and non-biodegradable materials enter the waterways and through the food chain end up back in our bodies.

Every time someone dumps their waste in an illegal site, they are pressing a start button to poison our bodies.

These illegal waste sites are also a huge fire hazard. Chemicals, cigarette butts, tyres and domestic waste increases the risk of wildfires which can have devastating consequences on the lives of many people.

  • It damages our environment

Montenegro’s unique geographical position and climate mean many animals have made our country their home too. However, illegal dumping damages our environment and natural habitat for an abundance of species, putting a strain on our ecological balance and creating dangerous circumstances. 

  • Damages our economy

Tourism is most precious for our economy – it is one of the biggest industries in Montenegro. It helps us attract foreign investment, develop infrastructure, create more jobs and open more businesses.

However, many tourists who have visited Montenegro and shared their experiences believe that the waste problem is totally ‘out-of-control’.

These tourists, who wanted to enjoy our sites but instead were disgusted by the litter, are highly unlikely to come back soon. In fact, there’s a good chance they will also recommend it to their friends and family to choose a different destination.

For example, tourism has now become a major industry in Croatia, generating as much as €9.5 billion a year in revenue. A whopping 18.5 million tourists visited Croatia in 2017, in contrast to Montenegro and its 2 million visitors gaining much lower revenues – only €846.4 million.

  • Damage our property value

Think about moving? One of the most obvious effects of illegal dumping is it looks ugly. This ugliness can seriously affect the price of your existing property. These sites can also attract those who are interested in other criminal activities.

The next time you will see your neighbours dispose of their waste in a field, will you do something about it?

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