The Chedi, first 5* hotel going for certification in Montenegro

Zero Waste Montenegro, in collaboration with our partner, Missions Zero Academy (MiZA), proudly launched the first Zero Waste Business Certification project in Montenegro. Our first participant on the path to zero waste is The Chedi Hotel in Luštica Bay.

In the past months, we visited The Chedi premises, provided comprehensive zero waste training to their staff, and collaborated on their initial steps towards zero waste goals. The Chedi Hotel has already made remarkable progress. They started implementing separate waste collection and partnered with PUC Komunalno Kotor to enhance recycling efforts. Monthly waste measurement and recording enable improvement in waste reduction and finding new solutions where necessary.

Some examples of those solutions are their production of self-made soap from recycled leftovers, as well as their support of a small business that utilizes upcycled wine glasses in the production of natural candles and vases. Additionally, they have successfully launched their own still and sparkling water in reusable glass bottles, further showing their dedication to waste reduction. The Chedi Hotel is leading Montenegro’s business sector in implementing zero-waste principles. We applaud their dedication and anticipate their continued success in promoting sustainability and environmental responsibility.