Circular DigiBuild


emerging technologies, construction sector, waste prevention, institutional capacity building

Draft Law on Waste Management Amendment Comments and Proposals


January 2024 – June 2026


Interreg, European Union




Business Agency Association, ReCheck,Energy and Innovation Centre of Weiz, Hof University of applied sciences, Institute of Circular Economy, Slovak Business Agency, University of Ljubljana, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Pécs-Baranya, Institute For Research In Circular Economy And Environment „Ernest Lupan”, Regional Development Agency For West Region, Sarajevo Economic Region Development Agency, Science And Technology Park Novi Sad, Tera Tehnopolis, ltd for promoting new technologies, innovations and entrepreneurship, Innovation Centre Nikola Tesla, Business Advisory Center NGO


Within the dynamic landscape of the Danube region’s construction and building industry, characterized by resource depletion, significant waste generation, and extensive greenhouse gas emissions, our project assumes a pivotal role in catalyzing change through digital innovation. Focusing on Montenegro, we aim to confront the prevailing challenges by identifying barriers to the adoption of digital technologies for circular economy practices.

In line with the overarching project objectives, our efforts entail not only the identification of obstacles but also the implementation of tangible solutions. Through pilot projects, we seek to showcase disruptive innovations that can revolutionize clean construction practices. These initiatives, while localized in Montenegro, are strategically aligned with the broader project’s mission to promote regional cooperation and facilitate the scaling up of successful circular economy implementations across the diverse landscape of the Danube region.