They are originally from distant California, USA and have been living and working in Montenegro for 40 years without passports and work permits. Scientists from the University of California created a hybrid worm in 1957, hence the name for these “machines” for recycling organic waste. The notion that the environment in which we live provides so many opportunities and even profits from organic waste comes to many as foreign. Today, I am happy to bring people back to the movie Slumdog Millionaire, and that in 2022, that mud is now a waste for millionaires, organic if you ask me.

The average resident of Montenegro generates 800gr of municipal waste and 360gr of organic waste per day. And leave it as a tradition and legacy from generation to generation to those who will come after us. Let them take care of him. I didn’t like it and since 2005 I have been doing everything in my power to change that with California earthworms. This worm is able to eat organic waste daily, no matter how heavy it is. You have heard well that the invertebrate helps the vertebrate to fight its waste. California earthworms reproduce 6 times faster than earthworms and their population doubles every three months. They contain 61.3% protein, 62% veal on the Michel scale, adult worms are 10 cm long and have strong muscle structures ideal for fishing bait. …. [Read More]