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By teaching about the concepts of circular economy and zero waste we are helping kids and young people gain a life-long skill that will have a positive impact on the environment in the future. We are shaping the relationship of future people with our planet and its natural resources.
A circular economy is a skill that every one of us will need in a near future not just in our everyday life but more and more in our careers. It is already required to tackle climate change, reduce the unnecessary waste we produce and rationalize the use of our limited natural resources.

Shaping the relationship of future people with our planet and its natural resources.


It is crucial to educate everyone, especially children of all ages, about waste pollution so they can understand the impact of their current and future choices and actions on our environment. On this page, you will find resources such as education curricula, activities, and videos for children and young people.

zero waste hierarchy

Please remember that most resources available for children focus on recycling, however, it is important to remember the Zero Waste hierarchy while teaching kids.

5 R’s

Zero Waste Hierarchy



Stop and think twice! Rethink and refuse to purchase what you don’t really need.


Whenever you can, opt for reducing consumption. Just buy what you truly need and what will last and try to avoid packaging.


Reuse what you already have when you can and use things for another purpose instead of throwing them away. Be creative with it!


Recycling is not a magic wand. The best is always to avoid producing waste and recycle only what you just couldn’t avoid!

05 - ROT

Create a simple compost bin in your garden or on your balcony where you can put your organic waste and get free natural fertilizer for your plants.

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Contact us if you would like to discuss us hosting a zero-waste presentation or clean up in your school.
Learn about our Eco Educators project and access a database of lesson plans created by educators in Montenegro.

Take a look at guidelines on how to organize a clean-up for your class.

Discover a fascinating Montenegrin ecological tale Tara and the magic tree where Znuggle handcrafted soft toys are the heroes. It is ideal for kids from 7 to 12 years old to learn about the circular economy, zero waste principle, environmental protection, and much more! The story was written by Žarko Vučinić and it won 3 international literary awards. It is available in e-book or hardcover format in English and Montenegrin languages.


Educational Resources

Download our selection of resources for the age group you would like to educate on Zero Waste.


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