As part of the focus area “Raising awareness on the concept of Circular Economy”, Zero Waste Montenegro will establish by the end of 2017 a comprehensive set of resources in English and Montenegrin language in its website to educate citizen on the concept of Circular Economy, and more specifically about the Zero Waste Concept. It will make content, infographics, posters, educational material available for teachers, educators, municipalities, companies who want to use them for their own audience. It will contain the following pages:

  • Map of all the recycling yards in Montenegro
  • What is Circular Economy?
  • What is the Zero Waste concept?
  • What can I do to follow the Zero Waste principles?
  • How can I make my office Zero Waste?
  • How can I make my school Zero Waste?
  • How can I start composting at home?
  • All you need to know about plastics

… and more. All pages will be available under the Resources section. Those pages will be promoted through social medias, distribution lists and press releases.